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  • The Secret To Kick-Ass Advertorials - We’ll show you the secrets on how to sell virtually anything online using the power of “fake news” - Discover how to manipulate the media for your massive success and unfair advantage
  • Secret Email Copywriting Formulas For Massive Profits - Never struggle writing a follow up or sales email again, you’ll be armed with the tools to write money making emails with ease (clients pay $395 for each one of these emails also and normally get 7 or more… that’s an extra $2,765 in your pocket!)
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  • ​How To Write Money Making Articles That Make You Famous - The secret to building an organic presence online that actually pays you is by combining the power of traditional PR article writing and direct-response sales copywriting… this combo makes you unstoppable when growing and scaling your own business… or the business of a client!
  • ​How To Write High Converting Landing Pages For ANY Niche - There’s a 3 step formula for writing landing pages that convert at 60% or more and in this module we’ll reveal the truth about how to do it, show you the “nuts and bolts” behind WHY these landing pages work and hold nothing back
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  • ​13 Steps To A High Converting Sales Letter - Once you watch this module you’ll never struggle to write a long form sales letter again… in fact, some folks have said that because of this 13 step formula… they can write 15 page sales letters in less than 5 hours (TRUTH: This is literally unheard of and the faster you write good copy… the more you can get paid)
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Description Of The Course:
(You Get Instant Digital Access To The Copywriting Domination Method Once You Order, NO SHIPPING DELAYS OR EXTRA COSTS for only $9)
Regardless of what kind of business you decide to start on the internet, you still need to know… How to write copy for sales pages, webinars, emails, advertorials and… you’ll also want to have a solid foundation in proven direct-response marketing principles for attracting clients with ease.

That’s why Tiffany Alford and myself, Carlos Redlich have developed a simple step-by-step course you can go through in under 6 weeks to easily transition from not knowing what copywriting is… to having the ability to make your first $10,000 in 90 days.

And even if you do know about copywriting and are wondering if this will be “just like every other course” - I assure you, there are strategies you’ll be shown that have never been revealed anyone.

And if you don’t think I’ve fulfilled on every single one of my promises, you get all your money back.

This is your solution for making an extra six figures per year.

We call it The Copywriting Domination Method.
Normally The Copywriting Domination Method Retails For $197.00 - 
But Right Now It's Available For Only $197.00 $9 (That's A SAVINGS Of Over $100.00)
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About Your Instructors:
Carlos Redlich and Tiffany Alford

Carlos Redlich and Tiffany Alford

Your instructors and guides to internet success are Carlos Redlich and Tiffany Alford.  They're both Florida natives who have moved to Arizona to enjoy the west.  They love the saying... "The West Is The Best" and have an office and homebase located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona where they coach and mentor students in person.

Their office address is: 7135 E Camelback Rd #360, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.  They have their office hours set from 8:30am - 5:00pm.  Neither of your instructors were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and after multiple failures... finally stumbled across a simple system to internet success that they claim can help everyone... even if you're a total beginner who's never seen success in the past.  They have spoken at seminars, hosted masterminds and worked with 7, 8, 9 and even 10 figure (Billion Dollar) companies.

What you'll discover on this page is the exact system and roadmap Carlos and Tiffany use to create flows of income that continue to pay them even when they sleep.


(PROOF: This is a screenshot of one of Carlos and Tiffany's websites. It generated $118,632.52 on almost complete autopilot using the tactics you will be shown inside The Copywriting Domination Method).

On top of that...

It has also generated nearly $400,000 since 2017 working less than 1 hour per day.  

These are real numbers.  And they aren't even that big.  There's other folks in this industry making well over $1,000,000 per year using automated online businesses.

Isn't it time you start making an extra $5,000... $10,000... even $20,000 per month?  Of course it is.  And on this page, you'll be shown how to do exactly that.

Hey {{input.first_name}},

If you’re looking to make at least $10,000 in the next 90 days working from your kitchen table and currently live near {{location}}, then you need to pay very close attention to what I say next... because if you have $9 to invest in yourself... I have a crystal clear roadmap to success that you can easily follow.


You see, I know for a fact that less than 1% of the folks who see this page and invest in my system will actually see results.  

Does that mean this system doesn't work?  

Of course it works!  I'll show you UNDENIABLE PROOF in just a moment.

And, if you follow my proven road map, you might see tons of results just like the other people I'll share with you on this page... 

...but... and this is a BIG BUT... if you're like every other average person walking around aimlessly through life... you won't see a single bloody penny... nickel... or dime.

Here's why: See, people buy things, say they're interested... then never do a thing.  They simply wish for amazing things to happen to them, but you and I both know that simply wishing for success isn't a good business strategy.

So here's a quick disclaimer for you to understand... if you watch nothing, do nothing and don't apply the strategies I'm about to share with you... nothing will work and you'll continue to live the miserable life you may or may not currently live.

But if today, you act like a good soldier in battle and do what I say, follow my step-by-step directions to a "T" and keep moving forward, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll see amazing transformations in your life and income... just like all the other folks you'll be introduced to on this page.


I’m about to share the worst time of my life with you, how it secretly led to my success today and even more importantly…

How it’ll save you from making the same costly mistakes I made so that you can start seeing more money flood your bank account over the next 90 days and finally have the freedom to do what you want… with who you want… when you want.

I know that might sound far fetched… or even a little hard to believe, but hang with me.

It’ll all make complete, logical sense in just a few minutes…

“Did the neighbors leave yet?”

Asking my girlfriend that question made my heart sink.

You see, not too long ago, I was living in Jacksonville, Florida, shacked up in a small home… desperately trying to keep the lights on.

It got so bad that my girlfriend and I had to wait for our neighbors to leave for work just so we could sneak over to their home and steal their water.

Then we'd use that water for flushing toilets, showering, and even drinking.

We did this by filling up buckets using our neighbors outside watering hose.

It was embarrassing and between you and me…

… one of the lowest points in my life.

In fact, I remember applying (and getting) government assistance food stamps so we could at least buy Ramen Noodles. And as corny as it might be, I carry my expired food stamps card in my wallet as a reminder of where we came from.
See, my girlfriend and I read a book called the 4 Hour Workweek.

And because of that book… we decided to start a small web design business.

It seemed easy enough. However as you and I both know… looks can be deceiving.

We would find local businesses, pitch them on a website, then outsource the work to India or the Philippines and keep whatever money was left over.

The thing is… finding clients was quite a bit more difficult than we originally imagined.

And our dreams of becoming “filthy rich”
Vanished Overnight…
She and I were struggling to make sales and I was banging my head against the wall, desperately trying to figure out what the heck we were doing wrong. 

Here was our “old school” process for getting business:

Call at least 150 people every day…try to close 3 or 4 of them on a future appointment to hopefully close 1 or 2 of them on a $1500 website.

That was working… but it was exhausting.

And since we didn’t know how to manage our money at the time, we ended up losing more than we made.

Even though I felt like a failure, I also felt blessed because I was getting $250 per month in food stamps. 

And it was literally saving our lives.

Sometimes, it felt like I would never get off government assistance and actually make any money.

But then…

Something truly amazing happened.  

I remembered my old martial art instructor Sifu Dwight Woods teaching me about direct response copywriting and how he used it to grow his martial art school.  

Direct response copywriting is when you write the words used to sell people through video, websites, direct mail, brochures, ads, etc.

And Copywriters are the people who write those words for businesses. And they can get paid a lot of money.

Like Clayton Makepeace. He’s been in the business for decades. He’s a full-time, working copywriter who has earned copywriting fees of $1 million or more every year since 1995… that’s more than $20,000,000 (20 million dollars) that he’s made for himself throughout his career as “just” a copywriter.

Not too shabby, right?

And I didn’t make that up, that’s right out of his own bio with American Writers and Artists, Inc

Here’s another great quote of his that’s related to money and copywriting…
Now, back to how copywriting transformed mine and Tiffany’s life and how it’s going to transform yours over the next 90 days (if you choose)...

See, instead of cold calling 150 business owners every day, we just mailed out 200 copies of the same pitch we’d give on the phone, but typed out on a simple one page letter and 6 people would call us out of every 200 pieces mailed.

That transformed our business.

In fact, here’s a picture of the original letter 
We mailed these in small southern towns and for every 200 people who got that direct mail letter you see above... a whopping 6 would call!

And the best part was, we didn’t need to call 150 people anymore just to get some appointments.


Simple - because this letter was doing all the HEAVY LIFTING for us.

It worked like gangbusters and could probably be replicated again if someone wanted to use it.

Anyway, after folks heard about our crazy direct mail success, they asked my girlfriend and me to start writing copy for them (my girlfriends name is Tiffany Alford).

Now listen, you might not believe what happened next, but I assure you, every bit of it is 100% true (and proof is provided)...

Within 6 months of writing copy for other people, we started making $10,000 per month… then a couple years later, we were able to make a full six figures in just 6 months time (a hair north of $137,000 to be more precise). And since then, our numbers have only continued to skyrocket upwards!

You can replicate our success and do this too. In fact, I’ll show you exactly how to do it, just hang with me and keep reading…

This gave us enough money and freedom to start traveling the world while also building other online “side businesses”.

Speaking about traveling the world…

Here’s a picture of us in Italy…
Here’s a few pictures in Spain when we found a legal marijuana club:
But our happiest trips are when we sporadically go visit family like when I surprised my mom for her 75th birthday.

She lives in Miami, Florida and I live in Phoenix, Arizona… and because I have the financial ability to make a lot of money, from anywhere I want... I never miss her birthday or any major holidays.

That’s true freedom.

Here’s a video of me surprising her on her 75th birthday:
Before I dive deep into how YOU can use the simple power of copywriting to make more money for yourself and your family, here’s a little glimpse of who I am today and even more importantly, WHY you should listen to me…
Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me
Hey, my name is Carlos Redlich.

I've been writing direct-response sales copy for over a decade for my own personal online offers as well as for certain clients.  

I'm also the founder of the largest online Jeet Kune Do martial art organization called "I Love Jeet Kune Do" which has roughly 90,000 active members.

That’s not the only niche we sell in… Tiffany and I also use these simple copywriting formulas to sell under different pen names in other niches like yoga, religion, survival and more.

Then, we create small little membership websites using the copy (words) we write and sell memberships between $5 per month and $497 per month. Essentially we convert our passions… into profits.

You can do the same thing and I’ll show you how.

Here’s a couple real examples...

Within 3 days we had 100 people in our $69/month martial art biz
In another random niche we have 328 members:
These little membership websites allowed me to go from owning an old Saturn station wagon…
To owning a car I’ve wanted for a long time, a Corvette Z06 with the Z07 performance package and all the bells and whistles on it.
I even put “Copywtr” as the license plate so folks “in the know”... understand a copywriter got this car.

Silly, I know… but it’s the truth.

Tiffany has gone from owning a Ford Focus… upgrading to a lightning fast Camaro SS and then deciding that she much rather have an SUV (Chevy Equinox) to drive through the mountains here in Arizona.
And I know this might sound like bragging, but because of what Copywriting has done for us, we can also afford to fly private every now and then with our Yearly Private Jet Club Pass (this picture is when we took a lunch trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Denver, Colorado to have “special pizza”... Then flew back safely to Phoenix before bedtime):
It’s important to understand that Tiffany and I don’t pay for these cars, vacations or private jets… our copywriting and little membership websites do. At least, that’s how we like to look at it.

See, whenever we want something, we just write a simple letter, put it on a webpage and send people who might be interested in buying what we’re selling... to read the letter and determine if they want to buy it.

Simple, honest and works like crazy… even in today’s world where more and more people are starting to sell things online.

Listen, what you’ll discover on this page isn’t some theoretical nonsense I read in a vintage marketing book.

It’s real, in-the-trenches marketing psychology you can use to influence more people and make more money... faster.

When I first started in the “copywriting game”, I started with zero clients and crawled up the ladder of success to write for some of the top dogs in business.

Folks like Agora, the Billion dollar per year financial newsletter giant…Anthony Powell, another Billion dollar producer... Ryan “Hardcore Closer” Stewman who went from Prison to multiple millions of dollars over the last 4 or 5 years and more than 150 different 7, 8 and 9-figure clients…
I’m saying all of this because you should know that I’ve been around the block a few times and have played at the highest levels.

That means, I know two very important things:

Thing #1 - I know how to write copy that converts


Thing #2 - I know how to find and close clients on paying me big dollars (this is way simpler than you may think)

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m on a mission to help 10,000 new entrepreneurs harness that same power.

The power of copywriting.

You hear all the big gurus like Dan Lok, Jason Capital, Russell Brunson and others praise it as the #1 skill every entrepreneur MUST master.

The power to transform words into cash will free you from the shackles of a normal, nine-to-five job - forever.

Everything you do once you master copywriting will appear easier.

The way you speak to the slow and disgruntled cashier at your local grocery store will be easier… 

Just speak the same copywriting techniques I show you instead of writing them and watch as the angry cashier goes from terrible service… to happily picking up the pace and cheerfully bagging your groceries, giving YOU first class, honest-to-God service.

Something extremely rare nowadays.

The folks in line behind you will wonder why this cashier suddenly treated you like GOLD and everyone else like everyday peasants.

If you’ve ever heard of the great rock band from the 1960s called The Beatles, you might not be shocked to discover that they too used the power of words to fund their dreams… but you will be surprised at the mentality behind why they wrote their BIGGEST hit songs...
TRUE STORY: Paul McCartney and John Lennon sat down one day to hammer out a new song.
Telling the story, Paul says, “John would be getting an extension on his house or something, and the joke used to be, ‘Okay! Today let’s write a swimming pool.’ It was great motivation.”
Paul continues, “Then in the next three hours, ‘Help!’ appears from nowhere, you’d suddenly get the idea, this’ll be a hit, this is a good one. 
You become aware what you were doing was making money. Making good money.”
Isn’t It Time YOUR Talent Started Making “Good Money” For You?
That’s what this page is all about.

It’s about showing folks who can understand and write in basic English… the secrets of copywriting because the truth is… it’s not hard.

Most people just don’t know the formulas and because they don’t know the formulas they shoot from the hip and get crushed in business.

But if you use the proven and tested copywriting formulas we show you, you’re like a trained sniper looking through your scope before taking the shot.

You simply can’t miss.

These secrets can make millions of dollars for your clients and a very comfortable six-figure income for yourself… year after year, like clockwork.

And all from the comfort of your home, hotel or hostel (if you’re doing that “digital nomad” thing and traveling the world).

Regardless of what you decide to do online, you still need to know… How to write copy for sales pages, webinars, emails, advertorials and… you’ll also want to have a solid foundation in proven direct-response marketing principles for attracting clients with ease.

That’s why Tiffany and I have developed a simple course you can go through in under 6 weeks to easily transition from not knowing what copywriting is… to making your first $10,000 in 90 days.

And even if you do know about copywriting and are wondering if this will be “just like every other course” - I assure you, there are strategies you’ll be shown that have never been revealed anyone.

And if you don’t think I’ve fulfilled on every single one of my promises, I’ll pay YOU!

More on that later… let’s get back to your solution for making an extra six figures per year…

We call it The Copywriting Domination Method.
This is perfect for the beginner copywriter just starting out or the advanced copywriter looking for a deeper understanding on proven strategies along with different hooks and tactics for getting clients to pay you more money, more often.
Copywriters and Marketers Rave About Our Copywriting Training Programs

Mike Mcdaniels, USA

“This is a simple copywriting course that’s already showing me how to make more money online. I also use this in my gym business to add an extra 10 clients per month to our membership! Thank you!”

Vit Singh, USA

“I didn’t even know what copywriting or copy even was before The Copywriting Domination Method and since then I’ve used it to successfully grow my own dog business! We also just expanded our location and took over the spot next door!”

Omar Cagua, Venezuela

"Hey Carlos, I just wanted to say that you're awesome. The course paid for itself in one week with just the one 2 comma club client that I got."

Jordan Kircher, USA

"After going through your Copywriting program I've already generated over $90,000 in revenue and it's been less than a year!"
Act Now And Immediately Save $100.00
If I added up all the hours I’ve spent strategizing, writing, testing, and refining the tools in The Copywriting Domination Method, and then multiplied by my current hourly rate ($1,000 per hour), it would come to well over $12,000.

Of course, you could hire a copywriting mentor to show you some of this stuff for about $5,000. 

And even then, most mentors don't actually know how to find clients… they just know how to write copy.

But with The Copywriting Domination Method, you won’t need to pay $12,000... or $5,000... or even $1,000.

Instead, the price for this step-by-step video training is just $197. 

But when you order this week, you get it for only $9/mo or $97 lifetime membership -- a $100 savings off the cover price.

That comes out to only .26 cents per day... and less than I charge for just 17 minutes of my time!

The Copywriting Domination Method is a 12 Module Video Training... which means it's available for immediate access. 

No shipping costs. And no waiting.

As a licensed purchaser, you get the videos as well as The Copywriting Domination Method Workbook Cheat Sheets (12 Workbooks Total) - all instantly accessed after you order.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!
The Copywriting Domination Method Works Or I PAY YOU!
When you order today, you are guaranteed your satisfaction or you get every penny back. 

Virtually nobody asks for their money back...and frankly, the people who do don't even go through the course. I can tell because I can see their progress. And while I refund them, I make sure to remind them that THEY failed themselves.

We do our part by delivering the course, all you have to do is go through it and apply what we show you.

You can go through every module, every one of the twelve workbook cheat sheets and every money making strategy... before deciding if it is something you truly want.

If this is something you want, do nothing and profit from this course the same way hundreds of other people have.

If you decide it's not for you, that's OK. 

Simply send a refund request and we will process it immediately. 

No questions asked. No hard feelings. 

The last thing I want to do is ruin my reputation over $97. 

If you end up taking the small $9 option, we will cancel your membership immediately versus a refund.

Tiffany and I make far more money when you brag about all the success you’ve had because of The Copywriting Domination Method.

It makes more people invest in the course and from there, some folks end up hiring us to do copywriting for them. 

That makes this a win, win, win. You win, our future copywriting clients win, and we win.

Plus, this marketing and copywriting world is extremely small and there’s a very good chance we will bump into each other at a LIVE event sometime in the future. 

That means, I’m only here to put out goodwill and help uplift our community.

In other words, when you order today, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

To order The Copywriting Domination Method simply click the button on this page now, fill in your billing details and get instant access afterwards.
Double Your Money Back Guarantee!
I'm so confident that you'll see results with The Copywriting Domination Method... that I'm willing to do something NO ONE else does.

And that's give you a DOUBLE your money back guarantee.

That means, if you decide to order the The Copywriting Domination Method using the one time payment and it isn't working, simply contact our team at and show us that you actually followed our advice and did what we told you to do.

If you do what we say and don't see results... we'll give you DOUBLE your money back just for wasting your time.  Simple.

Now click the button and try it today!
Let Me Be Your First Client!
After you order The Copywriting Domination Method, you have the opportunity to write a sales page for me and if it brings in more money than my current sales page - I'll send you $5,000.

Even if it beats my sales page by just one measly order... I'll pay you $5,000!

That gives you a nice chunk of change you can use to pay down some credit card bills, put a down payment on a nice car... or simply save it for a rainy day... it's your money... and all you need to do is take my current sales page... and make it work better.

That's it.

And... it's FREE to try.  

There's NO submission fee or any of that nonsense.  This is my way of giving you an opportunity... an opportunity to transform your life and begin your journey as a highly paid copywriter.

In The Copywriting Domination Method I even outline 13 steps on how to beat my sales page so you can win $5,000!

Take action now - click the button on this page and fill in your billing details to access The Copywriting Domination Method today.
To The Copywriter’s Life,

Carlos Redlich and Tiffany Alford

P.S. Order The Copywriting Domination Method now and also claim these 2 FREE bonus gifts:

FREE Bonus #1 - A FREE bonus copy of my best selling book, The Copywriting Playbook ($12.95 value)...


FREE Bonus #2 - A FREE copy of Tiffany’s best selling book called Retainers on Demand ($9.95 value)

In these books you'll discover:
  • A Simple Breakdown Of Exactly What Copywriting Is, How You Can Explain It To Others And How You Can Make Money For The Rest Of Your Life Because Of This One Powerful Skill
  •  Easy-To-Copy Templates You Can Use To Write Sales Letters, Emails, Advertorials And More
  •  The Mental Warfare Secret All Copywriters Must Know If They’re Even Thinking Of Making Six-Figures And Beyond
  •  How To Effortlessly Land $3,000…$5,000… and Even $10,000 Per Month Retainers With Multiple Clients (Imagine Having Just 3 Clients - One At Each Level… That’s $18,000 Back in Your Pocket Every Single Month...And a Comfortable $216,000 Per Year - Almost a Quarter Million Dollars From Only 3 Clients!
  •  Undercover Influence Secrets: How To Influence People To Do What You Want Without Them Knowing About it - Please Only Use What’s Revealed In This Section To Influence Others To Buy Good Products
  • How To Handle Any Sales Objection So That You Get Paid And The Customer Is HAPPY To Pay You (You’ve Probably Never Seen This Technique Before)
  •  47+ Proven Headline Templates You Can Legally Steal For Your Sales Pages, Emails, Videos Sales Letters, Articles, Instagram Posts And More (These Are Proven Million Dollar Headlines That Have Worked Like Clockwork For Those Smart Enough To Use Them)
  •  The Secret To Having Business Owners BEGGING YOU To Work With Them… Use This Only When Selling Ethical Products Or Services… It Works So Well It Should Be Illegal (And That’s Not Hype)
  •  And More Step-By-Step Actionable Advice You Can Use To Profit Hand Over Fist...Year After Year... For The Rest Of Your Life… After You Use The Copywriting Domination Method, You’ll Never Want To Buy Another Copywriting Course Again
You will get Instant downloadable access to both of these bonuses when you take fast action now and order your copy of The Copywriting Domination Method.

By accessing The Copywriting Domination Method, you understand that you’ll be shown exactly what you need to build a profitable and sustainable online copywriting career… working for yourself or for someone else.

Either way, when you order now, you’ll gain instant access to endless possibilities.

Possibilities that are normally reserved for those “born into wealth”.

But now - it’s right here at your fingertips.


By the end of your training, you’ll have three (3) very important assets in your “toolbox”...
  • You’ll know exactly how to write high converting copy (no more guessing if your marketing will work or not… after you go through this training, you’ll KNOW if it will or won’t)
  •  You’ll be given proven copywriting formulas and cheat sheets so that you never have to write anything from scratch (unless you want to)
  •  And, you’ll be shown how to make your first $10,000 within 90 days! This is so simple even a 13 year old can do it. In fact, a 13 year old does successfully write copy… his name is Kareem Elshaarawi
Here’s what one of his clients told him…
“When I hired Kareem, I was not expecting much if I’m being honest here. At the time, he didn’t much have credibility. He was only 13 years old, but something about him convinced me to give him a try.

The first week, he brought in the same amount of money I make in a month!

Stunned, I told him to cancel the contract. I was no longer interested in the Basic Email Package. I made him rewrite my entire landing page sales copy. Then I leveled up to the Regular Email Package.

Don’t underestimate him. This kid is going places.”

That’s from the owner of FreshPrepPgh. A Las Vegas Fitness Plan Business. Now his business is all over Las Vegas and it’s reached multiple 7-figures in the past 3 years alone.

Listen, if 13 year old children are harnessing the power of copywriting to make money… isn’t it possible that you can too?

Of course it’s possible and because of the internet, it’s more possible than ever to master this high paying skill.

To order The Copywriting Domination Method for a NO-RISK 90-day test-drive … and get your Two (2) FREE Bonus Books... just click here now:
Frequently Asked Questions
1 - This Was A Long Letter So I’m Skipping To The End… What’s This All About?
ANSWER: Great question, this is a about showing hungry entrepreneurs how to start, grow and scale their business using the power of copywriting

2- What’s Copywriting?
ANSWER: Copywriting is all the text for advertisements, commercials, etc. For example, if you see a commercial on TV… a copywriter wrote that script and got paid a nice chunk of money for doing so. If you see an ad on Instagram or Facebook, a copywriter got paid to write that. If you see a webpage of ANY kind… a copywriter probably wrote that also.

So, copywriting is the words and a copywriter is who writes those words. Copywriters can make a comfortable six figures or go “all in” and make 7-figures or more per year

3- How Much Is The Copywriting Domination Method?
ANSWER: Normally this training course sells for $197.00 but when you act now, we give you a STEEP one time discount for the next week (only $9 for the entire system!)

4 - What Happens If This Training Sucks And I Absolutely Hate It?
ANSWER: I seriously doubt you’ll hate it because we lay all the content out in a simple, straightforward manner so you can easily profit from what we show you in minimum time. However, if you aren’t happy, simply request a refund within 90 days (3 months) and we’ll cheerfully give you every penny back. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Just email:

And if you send us proof that you followed our advice, we'll give you double your money back.

That's how confident we are in The Copywriting Domination Method.

Listen, the world is too small to be screwing someone over so if you want your money back, you’ll get it back - no problem. And you can still keep the bonuses as our gift to you just for saying “maybe”

5- How Fast Can You See Results?
ANSWER: In The Copywriting Domination Method, you’ll be shown how to make an extra $10,000 over the next 90 days… and the truth is, you could do it in 30 days if you put all your effort in. But if you’re lazy… 90 days is how long it will take you to make at least $10,000. After that… the sky’s the limit!

6- Have Other People Seen Success With Your Copywriting Trainings?
ANSWER: Yes! That’s why we are still in business. Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve gotten…

“This is a simple copywriting course that’s already showing me how to make more money online. I also use this in my gym business to add an extra 10 clients per month to our membership! Thank you!” - Mike Mcdaniels, Tampa, Florida

“I didn’t even know what copywriting or copy even was before The Copywriting Domination Method and since then I’ve used it to successfully grow my own dog business! We also just expanded our location and took over the spot next door!” - Vit Singh, Jacksonville, Florida

"Hey Carlos, I just wanted to say that you're awesome. The course paid for itself in one week with just the one 2 comma club client that I got." - Omar Cagua., Venezuela

"After going through your Copywriting program I've already generated over $90,000 in revenue and it's been less than a year!" - Jordan Kircher., Florida, USA

7- Is There An Age Requirement To Be A Copywriter?
ANSWER: There’s no age limit… people pay you because of the results you can bring… not because of your age. Especially in this new digital revolution we’re going through were folks are all starting to work online and from their home.  

You have 13 year olds like Kareem Elshaarawi who I mentioned earlier and folks who’ve been copywriters for decades that have made multiple millions of dollars like Clayton Makepeace.  

The is no age limit - just use what we show you in The Copywriting Domination Method and you can make your first $10,000 in 90 days or less!

8- Do You Need A College Degree To Be A Copywriter?
ANSWER: NO you do not need a college degree. In fact, they don’t even teach direct-response copywriting in most colleges. You can write copy to sell your own digital or physical products or you can write copy for clients and big companies.

No one cares if you have a college degree.  

As long as you create samples based on what we show you in The Copywriting Domination Method and use our secret strategy for getting clients to pay you $10,000 within your first 90 days… you’ll be just fine.

Plus, if what we say doesn’t work just ask for a refund and we’ll give you all your money back without any hassles. You’re completely covered here. What we show you either works or we pay you back! And you have a full 3 months to try everything RISK-FREE

9- What If You Live In Another Country Other Than The USA… Can You Still Do This And Make Money?
ANSWER: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, you might have less copywriters in your area which means less competition.  

I know copywriters living in million dollar penthouses in Greece while everyone else is starving… I know folks in India living like Kings because American companies hire them to write their emails… I even know someone in Zimbabwe who makes more money as a copywriter than most people in his country make working for the government!

Does that mean that if you’re someone in North America, you’re screwed? Of course not. See, there’s so much business out there for copywriters, we just can’t keep up.

Every single commercial, facebook ad, social media post, website and more needs copy… and companies rarely just hire one copywriter… they hire multiple to test against each other.

Trust me, there’s TONS of copywriting opportunity out there and by being a copywriter you’ll be able to make more than most doctors, lawyers and engineers (very few professions allow you to earn that kind of money without a college degree or formal training).  So again, you can live anywhere, even {{location}}... and still rake in cash like clockwork.

10- How Many Hours Per Week Do Copywriters Work On Average?
ANSWER: That totally depends on you. If you’re a copywriter earning six figures but working as an employee, you’ll probably work a typical 40 hour work week.

If you’re a freelancer, you can get away with working 1-4 hours per day and still rake in a hefty 6-figures in six months like Tiffany and I did.
If you’ve come this far, you’re clearly interested in SOMETHING.  

Maybe you want to make more money to buy your family out of a bad situation… 

...Maybe you want to make more money so you can buy all the nice cars, homes and toys other folks with a better upbringing could never afford (You can literally live like a rapper if you want… without being a rapper)… 

...Or maybe you just want the financial security to know that you have enough money in your bank account to last you a year of not working if you wanted.

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from having enough money to turn work away if you chose.

It’s called “F*** You Money”.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to grow and evolve into a person who has wealth, power and respect in every area of their life… you’ll want to claim The Copywriting Domination Method right now while we’re slashing one hundred dollars off the normal price for the next week.  

That means instead of investing $197 like everyone else had to, right now you get it for only $97 (this is a one time transaction, not monthly).  Or for $9/month.  Your choice.

Even if you have to put it on a credit card or borrow a credit card, then pay it off later - it’s worth it and you should do it immediately.

Folks invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an outdated business education in college but can’t swing $9 to secure their financial future in the new digital world we’re transitioning into.

It’s silly.  

If you’re serious and have an “I’m Going To Win” mentality, then do whatever it takes to get yourself in this training course.  

Remember, if it doesn’t work - you get all your money back  or a cancelation of your membership - no questions asked.

But what if it does work, just like it has for the other student case studies you read about on this page… you’ll be set for life.

But you need to act now to claim your one hundred dollar discount immediately and your two (2) FREE books!

Click the button on this page now and fill in your billing details to gain instant access to The Copywriting Domination Method RISK-FREE today.

You literally have nothing to lose and hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain.
Get started right now while you’re still on this page - don’t let life distract you from this opportunity. 

Because that’s what life does.  

It notices that a great opportunity is being presented in front of you… and then it challenges you with obstacles (like not having enough money) to test how badly you truly want to achieve success in your life.

Will $97 hold you back from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted… or will it be the stepping stone you need to get everything you deserve out of life?

The choice is yours and I hope for your sake that you choose correctly and get started right now.  

Click the button on this page, enter your billing details and together we’ll transform your income, life and lifestyle for the better.  

That’s a promise I plan to keep and again, if you don’t think anything has changed over the next 90 days… that’s 3 full months… then I’ll cheerfully return your $97 (or cancel your $9 membership).

I only want your money if you get results.
Act Now - You Literally Have NOTHING To Lose And EVERYTHING To Gain
What Other People Are Saying:
“This is a simple copywriting course that’s already showing me how to make more money online. I also use this in my gym business to add an extra 10 clients per month to our membership! Thank you!” 
- Mike Mcdaniels, Tampa, Florida
“I didn’t even know what copywriting or copy even was before The Copywriting Domination Method and since then I’ve used it to successfully grow my own dog business! We also just expanded our location and took over the spot next door!”
 - Vit Singh, Jacksonville, Florida
"Hey Carlos, I just wanted to say that you're awesome. The course paid for itself in one week with just the one 2 comma club client that I got."
- Omar Cagua., Venezuela
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